© Copyright 20021 B C N

B C N photo collections tell about the shy beauty of the small irretrievable moment, of coincidence, the amazing geometry of nature, they tell from the lines that appear to relate to everything or nothing.

It is the charm of the volatile and the unnoticed, the quiet magic of the idea, that everything could be different, that there could be another reality behind the real reality. They tell of the all too beautiful, the kitschy, the weird. It is the joy for the unimportant, the insignificant, the strange beauty of everyday things. It is the enjoyment of the ever new perspective on the things that surround us.  



© Copyright 20021 B C N

"In these home office times I'm working on some collections, as in the last few years the things that have caught my eye are threatening to blow up my photo storage. The pictures are waiting for something to happen to them ;-)"                                B C N   January 2021

Analog versions of the work is available in blurb book shop, where the books can also be seen as digital pageflip. Every book to order will be unique, there is no print stock.


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